Jazz Boosters

The mission of the Roosevelt Jazz Boosters is to provide financial, logistical and creative support to ensure that musically-qualified students have access to the best possible learning environments and activities regardless of their financial circumstances.

2017-18 Roosevelt Jazz Boosters Board

Chair: Linda Tanner (chair@rooseveltjazz.org)
Chair Elect: Kathleen Whalen (chair_elect@rooseveltjazz.org)
Secretary: Dawn Korver (secretary@rooseveltjazz.org)
Treasurer: Frank Fulton (treasurer@rooseveltjazz.org)

JB 2/3/4 Chair: Open (jazz234chair@rooseveltjazz.org)
JB 2/3/4 Co-Chair: Open (jazz234chair_elect@rooseveltjazz.org)
JB 2/3/4 Secretary: Mikhaila Reudink (jb234secretary@rooseveltjazz.org)
JB 2/3/4 Treasurer: Open (jb234treasurer@rooseveltjazz.org)

*VJ Chair: Open (vocaljazzchair@rooseveltjazz.org)
*VJ Chair Elect: Open
VJ Treasurer: Open (vjtreasurer@rooseveltjazz.org)
*VJ Secretary: Open (vjsecretary@rooseveltjazz.org)

Access the other booster jobs in Google Drive.

* non-voting board role