Roosevelt Vocal Jazz Placements for 2017-2018

Listed below are the students selected for Roosevelt Vocal Jazz 2017-2018. If for any reason you cannot commit to the group in which you have been placed, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. There are other students who would like to sing! NOTE: Vocal Jazz has been moved to zero hour (before school) for next year. All Vocal Jazz students will need to register for a concert ensemble.

Abbey Amuniya
Jane Anderson
Brigit Brady
Mia Bell
Katya Boychuk
Xing Gilbert
Brooke Lambert
Desi Pardo
Sarah Park
Scarlet Pike
Caroline Schmitt
Harrison Sherwood
Azalea Teuton
Markus Teuton
Nicole Torres

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who auditioned!

*Rhythm section placements to be announced at a later date.