Roosevelt Jazz Auditions for 2017-18

Jazz Band Auditions

Tuesday June 6 – New & returning students; rhythm section: 3:45 pm.
Sunday June 11 – Incoming ninth graders; saxophones 9-12, brass 1-4 pm.
Monday June 12 – Returning Roosevelt students; saxophones: 3:45 pm.
Tuesday June 13 – Returning Roosevelt students; brass: 3:45 pm.

We understand that rhythm section students from other schools may arrive somewhat later than the 3:45 start on June 6, due to travel time from those schools.

Vocal Jazz Auditions

Students entering grades 9-12 who are not currently enrolled in Vocal Jazz at Roosevelt are welcome to audition. This includes incoming 9th graders who have had vocal jazz experience in middle school. There will be a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board outside of the band room for Vocal Jazz Auditions.  Audition dates and times to be announced soon.  Please plan to sign up if you are interested.

Check here mid-May 2017 for updated directions before submitting your contact form. ALL students must fill out and bring a musician contact form to auditions.  Showing up without it will NOT make a good impression – don’t do it!  

2017 audition music will be posted here when available.

Please note:

  • There is separate music for sax and brass
  • TBD should be learned by all auditioning students (sax, brass and rhythm)
  • ALL sax, brass, and rhythm students should also prepare a SHORT excerpt of a jazz piece of their own choosing.
  • No additional music other than TBD for rhythm.

Instrumentalist Auditions – What to Expect

Saxes and Brass:

  1. Learn the medium swing written excerpt. Play with swing articulation, keep a steady medium swing tempo, and play expressively!
  2. Learn the melody and changes to TBD. You will play the melody; then improvise for a maximum of two choruses.
  3. Play a jazz excerpt of your choice which showcases your abilities as a jazz musician.

All Rhythm Section players:

  1. Learn the melody and changes to TBD. You will perform this piece multiple times with various combinations of players, during the Rhythm Section Auditions on Tuesday, June 6.
  2. Play a jazz excerpt of your choice which showcases your abilities as a jazz musician.
  3. Basses, guitarists, pianists and drummers may be asked to demonstrate skills which are fundamental to playing jazz on your specific instrument.

The most important thing for all players is that you play with a mature, confident, swinging sound! It should be evident to us that you listen to jazz, and understand the sounds and vocabulary that are fundamental to playing this music. We understand that you might be nervous. Just do your best!

Vocal Jazz Auditions – What to Expect
Auditions should last for about 5 to 7 minutes.  You will not need to have a piece prepared. You will be tested on the following:

  1. Vocal Projection and Pitch Accuracy
  2. Maturity of Tone Production
  3. Vocal Range
  4. Learning a tune
  5. Improvising over a Blues
  6. Feel for Jazz Style

Thanks for auditioning for Roosevelt Jazz. Good Luck!

Wondering what to expect for a typical Roosevelt Jazz  student and family?
Read the Overview Information sheet.

Note: Any student admitted to Roosevelt Vocal Jazz for the 2017-2018 school year must commit to BOTH semesters. There will be no tolerance for unexcused absences, or excessive (over 6) excused absences. Students must attend all rehearsals, performances, festivals and fundraisers.  Any student not meeting this basic standard for participation will be dropped from the class.

General Information About Auditions
Even with four jazz bands and a vocal jazz ensemble, NOT EVERYONE WILL BE PLACED in a Roosevelt Jazz group. These are special opportunities for those who are truly interested in performing jazz music. You don’t have to be a super-star; just a motivated young musician who really wants to swing!

Participation in summer jazz camps in addition to private lessons is highly recommended. Info on Summer Jazz Camps and Workshops can be found here.

We are tremendously excited about what is happening with JAZZ at Roosevelt and look forward to hearing many young musicians at auditions!

Scott Brown