2017-18 Roosevelt Jazz Band Placements

Jazz Band 1 and Vocal Jazz students should be registered for these classes. The names have already been sent to the registrar. Be sure to confirm this when you receive your schedules. Note that Vocal Jazz is a zero hour (before school) class. If for any reason you cannot commit to the ensemble in which you were placed, please let us know immediately.

Mr. Brown, Mr. Van Bebber, Mr. Taylor

Jazz Band 1

Sean Bowman, alto 1
Misae Nguyen, alto 2
Daniel Mengedoht, alto 2
Elliot Halpern, tenor 1
Kai Despain, tenor 2
Aiden Ryser, tenor 2
Xander Johns, baritone 1
Austin Isgrig, baritone 2

Joe Garlid, 1
Will Knight, 2
Matt Buchanan, 3
Graham Fulton, 4
Carter Eng, 5
Aidan McCoy, 6

Ethan Nolander, 1
Elise Toney, 2
Nicholas Mesler, 3
Toby Jay, bass trombone

Rhythm Section
Aaron Korver, 1
Katie Benmar, 2
Bryan Rhinehart, 3
Julia Tanner, 1
Nick Swedin, 2
Jonah Harper, 1
Max Young, 2
Ethan LeFaive
David Maltby
Henry Mohr

NOTE: Only 25 players will be allowed to participate in Essentially Ellington, in the event we are accepted. There will be competition for spots on the recording band.

Vocal Jazz Rhythm Section

Kai Medina
P. J. McDaniel
Finn Greeley

Jazz Band 2

Elias Sullivan, alto 1
Elliot Hughes, alto 2
Karen Gaffney, alto 2
George Fulton, tenor 1
James Pettis, tenor 2
Nick Altemeier, tenor 2
David Tabakian, baritone

Colin Brace, 1
Devlin Swanson, 2
Ryan Davies, 3
Nathan Reudink, 4
Della Paloy, 5

Zach Sahlin, 1
Daniel Matsumoto, 2
Alexis Kim, 3
Ryan Tyndall, bass trombone

Rhythm Section
Eilidh Haakanson
Kohl Hebert
Nathan Mesler
Laurel Colescott, 1
Anna Thielke, 2
Aidan Shapero
Ethan Bovey

Jazz Band 3

Maria Mann, alto 1
Nicholas Araya-Bain, alto 2
Sydney Colescott, alto 2
Griffin Sanders, tenor 1
Eli Corey, tenor 1
Em Spencer, tenor 2
Olivia Sayrs, tenor 2
Sana Mills, tenor 2
Roberto Kannapell, baritone

Rei Ichikawa, 1
Stephen Shettler, 2
Will Falcone, 3
Sylvie Kromer, 4

Jack Barnes, 1
Willie Berg, 2
Josh Peterson, 3
Aaron Kim, 4 (waitlist)

Rhythm Section
Joe Begley
Faye Alesse
Nikko Oster
Nick Zappone
Cameron Tavis

Jazz Band 4

Annalise Bledsoe, alto 1
Jackson Jewett, alto 1
Julia Martin, alto 2
Cole Andrews, tenor 1
Abbie Chipps, tenor 2
Ella Ruddick, tenor 2
Calvin Rey, baritone

Grady Spors, 1
Henry Roller, 2
Carter Robinson, 3
Daniel Khastou, 4

Bergen Sorby, 1
Casey Rogers, 2
WE NEED TROMBONES! (Encourage your trombone-playing friends to play some JAZZ!)

Rhythm Section
Vladimir Andral
William Stauber
Ellis Andral
Jacob Gronquist
Dylan Wilson
Soloman Kruger
Emma Usui-Villareal

Roosevelt Vocal Jazz Placements for 2017-2018

Listed below are the students selected for Roosevelt Vocal Jazz 2017-2018. If for any reason you cannot commit to the group in which you have been placed, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. There are other students who would like to sing! NOTE: Vocal Jazz has been moved to zero hour (before school) for next year. All Vocal Jazz students will need to register for a concert ensemble.

Abbey Amuniya
Jane Anderson
Brigit Brady
Mia Bell
Katya Boychuk
Xing Gilbert
Brooke Lambert
Desi Pardo
Sarah Park
Scarlet Pike
Caroline Schmitt
Harrison Sherwood
Azalea Teuton
Markus Teuton
Nicole Torres

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who auditioned!

*Rhythm section placements to be announced at a later date.

Update: Roosevelt Jazz Auditions for 2017- 2018

Auditions for the 2017-2018 school year will take place between May 30 and June 13 at Roosevelt High School.

  • NEW! Vocal Jazz auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31 from 3:30-5:30
  • Tuesday, June 6th starting at 3:45: Rhythm auditions, all grade levels
  • Sunday, June 11th, 9 am-Noon: incoming 9th grade Saxophone auditions
  • Sunday, June 11th, 1 pm-4 pm: incoming 9th grade Brass auditions
  • Monday, June 12th starting at 3:45: Saxophone auditions for current Roosevelt students
  • Tuesday, June 13th starting at 3:45: Brass auditions for current Roosevelt students

Jazz Band audition music and forms are now available. Check this page for details.