2019-2020 Roosevelt Jazz Ensemble Placements

The 2019-2020 Roosevelt Jazz ensemble placements are listed below. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Now… go practice!


The Roosevelt Jazz Band

Colin Brace
Javier Gonzalez
Rei Ichikawa
Sylvie Kromer

Parker Casazza
Daniel Matsumoto
Nick Mesler
Ryan Tyndall

Elliot Hughes (alto)
Maria Mann (alto)
Eli Sullivan (alto)
Nick Altemeier (tenor)
George Fulton (tenor)
Calvin Rey (bari)

Kohl Hébert

Grace Kaste
Anna Thielke

Aidan Shapero
Emma Usui-Villareal

Markus Teuton

Nathan Mesler


Roosevelt Vocal Jazz

Note, all students must be enrolled in a music ensemble class. Register through your counselor.

Sofia Araya-Bain
Tigran Avakyan
Sophia (Scooter) Clair
Cameron Cohen
Sasha Doran
Abby Glowney
Tessa Korver
Brooke Lambert
Serafina Miller
Sahil Novetzke
Camille Pape
Desi Pardo
Chloe Rigler-Gryj
Azalea Teuton
Markus Teuton
Sylvia Zerba (waitlisted at RHS)

Vlad Andral
Theo Shouse

Alex Roca
Nolan Wilson

Alberto Arriola
Solomon Kruger

Faye Alesse


Roosevelt Jazz Band TWO

Note, all students must be enrolled in a music ensemble class. Register through your counselor.

Lucas DiGiuseppe
Hans Faul
Daniel Khastou
Henry Roller
Grady Spors

Thomas Evans
Aaron Kim
Thatcher Sexton
Bergen Sorby

Sydney Colescott (alto)
Abby Glowney (alto)
Evan Mazor (alto)
Rachel Nolander (alto)
Owen Gwinn (tenor)
Griffin Sanders (tenor)
Olivia Sayrs (tenor)
Em Spencer (tenor)
Liam Randell (bari)

Nora Hakimian
Quinn Wedemeyer

Palmer McDaniel
Dylan Wilson

Ethan Bovey
Yoshi Stroh

Maco Dacanay


Roosevelt Jazz Band THREE

Note, all students must be enrolled in a music ensemble class. Register through your counselor.

Josephine Bloom (waitlisted at RHS)
Nicholas Chang
Joseph Matsumoto
Owen Thomas

Kirin Dhaka
Bradley Kalmar
Lucas Schubert

Charlee Dobson Cohen (alto)
Brooke Lambert (alto)
Dylan Senescall (alto)
Cameron Moskito (tenor)
Ryan Boyle (tenor)
Yoshi Takeno (tenor)
Cicely Griswold (bari)
Jack Hillstrom (bari)

Eilidh Haakanson
Ben Rutherford-Kinney

Cole Fung

Rasa Yaghmaie
Ripley Silas

Jacob Gronquist


Roosevelt Jazz Band FOUR

Note, all students must be enrolled in a music ensemble class. Register through your counselor.

Holden Abramonte
Nicolás García-Bompadre

Conor Esler (alto)
Jacob Nowak (alto)
Hugh Switzer (alto)
Alden Cantara (tenor)
Chloe Rigler-Gryj (tenor)
Oliver Nairn (bari)

Liana Owen

Naomi Cole
Leo VanderWhitte Ma

Liam Jacobs
Max Weiss

Linus Skucas

Things to Come

And just like that, it’s June. So much has happened since the last post here back on May 16th, we’re out of breath. There’s been barely a moment to reflect on Essentially Ellington, the CWU Jazz Festival with Dafnis Prieto, Waldo Fest, band camp, and A Chorus Line. Yet there are still so many more things to come! We’re knee deep in auditions. Final concerts for band, choir, orchestra, and jazz are all imminent. Marching band will take to the streets around Roosevelt in the annual neighborhood parade. We’ve got picnics and potlucks to prep for. And then there’s graduation. A bunch of our kids will head out to their next gig. We’ve grown to love them so; how do we let them go? We’ll try follow their lead and keep looking ahead (while hoping they come back to visit from time to time). We can’t wait to see what they do next! 


Essentially Ellington 2019

Roosevelt Jazz at Essentially Ellington 2019
Ayano Hisa/Jazz at Lincoln Center

We’ve had a bit of a week here at Roosevelt Jazz and are still catching up. Our first priority upon returning from NYC was getting audition info posted. Gotta look to the future, after all. And now that that’s done… Congratulations to Director Scott Brown and the Jazz Band for their first place finish in the 24th Annual Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition and Festival! Check out all of the competition results here. A huge thank you to all our friends and families, jazz mentors and teachers, and the entire Seattle jazz community. You’ve supported Mr. Brown and the band the whole way. We love you.

Audition Information, part 2

Information about Roosevelt Jazz auditions for the 2019-2020 school year has been updated, finally! (We’ve been a little busy over here, you may have heard…) The required tune for this year is “It Could Happen To You” by Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen. Note that the required version of the tune is in the key of E flat. Please use the lead sheets posted on the auditions page of this website. Also, be sure to carefully read through everything on the auditions page. Your success at auditions hinges on a careful understanding of what is required, and of course your own hard work. We want you to do well and wish you the best of luck!